Weird Children’s Coloring Books I found PDFs of Online


A D.A.R.E. Coloring book from 2017 that seems to have nothing to do with the organization

Made for King County, North Carolina with the help of sponsors from around town, this coloring book offers terrible art AND puns.



Billy and the Basketball: A Coloring Book about Savings

Dear everyone: please pay your artists fair wages.

The art in this one is even worse than before, making it obvious that someone was not paid enough to care about this project. The text from the images runs off into the text of the story, making it illegible, but I imagine there were very few outraged children complaining about it. Also, the text is all in Comic Sans, as if that were at all acceptable in the design of ANYTHING.

Side note, though: these pictures don’t even look like they would be fun to color.


Hush, child. Obey the bug. 

Buckle Up Bug’s Activity Book

Haven’t your children always wanted to learn about car safety from a child-sized anthropomorphic bug? It’s just like that beloved children’s icon, Gregor Samsa!




Exty and Hydro’s Fire Safety Activity Book

Your name is bad and you should feel bad. 


This one is pretty much only noteworthy because of the AWFUL name they gave the fire extinguisher. Three seconds after I showed it to my friend, Tam, she came up with “Flamer” and “Red,” both of which are better names than EXTY.


Good Health is in Your Hands Coloring Book

The cover image is of our main character, Soapy, getting sucked into a bubbly abyss. In black and white the character proves to be even more frightening as the S around his eyeballs leads to some unnerving crazy-eyes.

Also, Soapy’s mom is Bubble Bath for some reason? Also, this anthropomorphic soap lives with his mother and gets tucked in nightly.




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