A Small Collection of Zine PDFs

For those of you who aren’t familiar, a zine is a self-published magazine. Zines have a rich history, especially prior to the internet age, and topics can range from Anarchist Politics to Fanzines about David Hasselhoff. This is a list of some of the best zines I’ve come across digitally.

  1. Activity Book by Kelly Schirmann
  2. Library Zine! Voices from Across the New York Public Library
  3. Ask A Doula Zine
  4. Archiving Your Group’s Records
  5. The Beat (Issue 9)
  6. The Heroine Showcase No.17 (Spring 1979)
  7. The Free Zine (From Ex-Members of The Family International/Children of God Cult)
  8. Loaded Ladle Recipe Zine (2014)
  9. The Sin Zine #1: Lust [Other issues available]
  10. Zine World
  11. Metazine: It’s a Zine about Zines
  12. Men Against Sexism
  13. Can It! A Collection of Stories, Recipes & D.I.Y. Food Politics
  14. DIY DOULA: Self Care for Before, During and After Your Abortion
  15. Out of the Closets and Into the Libraries (Second Collection)
  16. You Should Make a Comic: Here’s How
  17. So, You Wanna Start a Zine?
  18. Radical Mycology (2009)
  19. Poly Oly Oxen Free: A Zine about Polyamory
  20. The Story of Attica: A Quick Primer on the Attica Prison Rebellion of 1971 (September 2011)
  21. Security Culture: A Handbook for Activists
  22. Ranting and Raving: Reviews of Zines and Books about Zines
  23. On Being Hard Femme
  24. MIKLAT MIKLAT a transformative justice zine
  25. Mapping Your Madness

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